Friday, February 5, 2010

Neela's 1st UT basketball game

We love living in Austin!! Now if you know us at all, you know we love to watch sports. When we lived in Dallas we took full advantage of going to watch the Mavericks and going to Cowboy games. UT football and basketball is the team to watch in Austin, so that is what we do. :)

Our friend Chad gave us tickets to the UT vs. Baylor basketball game. It was a great game! It was close score until the very end.

Neela had a fabulous time with her Daddy! (as usual :))

Neela was kissing my check, but I missed it. It was so sweet.

During the middle of the game, I took Neela to the restroom to change her diaper and on the way back this lady was tell me now cute Neela was which is normal, but this lady said she was sitting behind me smiling at Neela and Neela was smiling back so sweet. She thought it was the cutest thing ever. She was sweet to say that.

During the game when everyone was cheering and yelling, Neela would get startled, but then just kind of look around at everyone wondering what was going on. She handled it very well. :)

I love family time with my man and babygirl.