Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perfect Date

We typically don't make a huge deal on Valentine's Day but Tim went over and beyond this year.  We have a sweet friend who offered to watch our kids for free for Valentine's Day so we can have a fun date night.  We decided to celebrate V-day as a family to include our kids with stuffed animals, chocolate and share what we love about each other.  It was really sweet.  

So we had our date night the next evening.  Tim usually plans our date nights so I really just get things together for the babysitter and have a fun evening planned.  It's a great set up. ;)  So Tim told me the plan was bowling and dinner. That sounded great to me.  Any evening out on the town with my man is a treat so I was just excited to be with him.  As we are driving to the bowling alley he informs me we are going to a "new bowling alley".  Once again, he planned the evening so I don't have a worry in the world and not concerned where we are driving.  So we pull up to a parking lot and he parks in front of a massage place.  Tim says, "That's weird... my GPS said there is a bowling alley here.  I guess we can just go in here instead."  At this point I am so confused!  I thought why would we go in here if there is no bowling.  These were actually the words I was saying to Tim.  But he proceeded to go inside the massage place.  He told the lady, "Do you guys have availability for a couple's massage?" She said "yes" and was a little confused.  Tim said, "wow, that's great!  We'll do a couple's massage."  The lady was so confused, she said, "Sir, you made reservations."  Hilarious!  He was trying to keep playing along for me but the lady was so confused.  I was blown away!  So sweet.  It's always been in my bucket list to do a couple's massage.... check!  I was so surprised.  Before we left our house, I was so concerned I did not forget my socks to go bowling, yet we never made it there! ;)   The massage was AMAZING and perfect after holding a baby all day.

Next we headed to dinner.  As we were turning near the restaurant, he said we have one more stop.  I thought, what could it be?  He pulls into a hotel parking lot.  He reserved us a room away for the night! He somehow packed my bag and everything I needed!!  And arranged for the babysitter to stay over night!  What a man!!  As I was getting ready before we left, I could not find my deodorant... now I know why!  We changed our clothes into "non bowling" attire and headed to a fabulous dinner with great conversation and fabulous wine!

We had a relaxing evening, uninterrupted sleep (no babies waking us up at night!) and I even slept in until 7am.  Loved it!  Breakfast was amazing and then we headed home.

The entire evening I said, "This is the perfect evening" and it truly was.  I am thankful for my thoughtful man who went over and beyond this year for Valentine's Day and did all of this for me.  So sweet!!  I know he loves me so well daily and this was beyond .  Locking the memory in!!

the picture i took, at breakfast in the morning!

2012 Reading List

1. Seven by Jen Hatmaker: Loved this book!  It's an experimental mutiny against excess.  Jen Hatmaker took 7 months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day disease of greed, materialism, and overindulgence.  I have to say, she is the most interesting writer I have ever read.  Her personality comes out and she is a fun, opinionated, authentic lady.  I was laughing with tears in my eyes to my heart being tugged at the gospel truths and pointing me to Jesus.  must read!

2. For Women Only by Shanti Feldhahn: This is the second time I have read this book. But I love it.  Basically she interviews thousands of men regarding the truth about their inner life he desperately wants you (the woman in their life) to know.

3. Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson: I should have written more down when I read this book last year, but I didn't.  A few take aways I had were: Taking responsibility for my actions-  I can't blame my hardened heart and negative attitude on Tim.  God is working in my heart and I need the eyes of my heart to be open to my need for Jesus.  Love and Respect each other regarding the other person's response- I am thankful for a husband who loves Jesus and loves me from the out pouring of God's love.

4. Orange Jumpsuit by Tara Lee Cobble: This is a biography of Tara Lee Cobble and through letting go of her comforts and choosing to be obedient to God's calling, she learned to walk in freedom from her fears that imprisoned her.

5. Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks: The movie is currently in the theaters.  Go see it!

6. Resiliency by Elizabeth Edwards: This a biography about her life.  All most people remember about her life right now is the scandal.  But this gave me a picture of her entire life and all she has experienced  of being newly married, the passing of a child, having cancer, their political life, and the scandal.

7. How People Change by Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane: We read this book for our bible study and it was life changing, literally.  He starts off explaining how we often we can see the gospel forgiving us of our past sins and giving us future hope but we often neglect how the Lord is currently working in our lives.  They describe the big picture of our lives and a view of our daily lives that inform, motivate, convict and guide us through: Heat: This is the person's situation in daily life, with difficulties, blessings, and temptations.  Thorns: This is the person's ungodly response to the situation.  It includes behavior, the heart driving the behavior, and the consequences that result. Cross. This focuses on the presence of God in his redemptive glory and love. Through Christ, he brings comfort, cleansing, and the power to change. Fruit: This is the person's new godly response to the situation resulting from God's power at work in the heart. It includes behavior, the heart renewed by grace, and the harvest of consequences that follow. Love this book.

8. Babywise by Ezzo : Great book on getting your baby on a sleeping routine and sleeping through the night.

9. The Master Plan by Dr. Robert E. Coleman: This is the 2nd time I have read this book and it's a beautiful truth of how Jesus delcared his saving grace and need for Him through his daily life and being intentional in his relationships.

10. Instrument in the Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp: My heart has been challenged and encouraged by this book.  He reminds us how we are all broken people in need of God and how we can be instruments of love and truth pointing others to God. Through seeing where their heart currently is and revealing areas in their heart they are not giving God ultimate control.  I love the practical questions to ask and ways to continue to evaluate where our heart is with the Lord and being able to be an instrument of the Lord in other people's lives. I know this book will be a reference for me often over the next few years.