Sunday, January 31, 2010

Neela's 1st Christmas

Neela on Christmas morning. She had no idea what was going on!!

It's funny how a 1st Christmas is such a big deal, but then again the kid never remembers it. hee! But the parents do....

Neela's first Christmas was pretty low key. Very different from our last 2 Christmas, Pre-Neela (India and Disneyworld). Due to Tim starting his new dog walking business and it booming and growing so quickly,, we stayed in at home instead of going to Lufkin like we planned, we stayed in our home. It was so fun, Tim's sister came down for a few days and Tim's parents stayed for like a week. It was such a memorable time of relaxing, EATING, laughing, EATING, and did I mention EATING. :) Christmas Eve we all did go to my parent's house for a celebration which was a great time of reflecting on the birth of Christ, the Savior of the world.

Neela loved all her gifts. She was engaged with her gifts, but as all babies she loved the boxes too. :) She was spoiled rotten by her grandparents and uncles and aunties. We stuck to the basics of what she needed, sheets, diapers, bottles, you know the usual. :) She didn't know the difference. :)

Neela will love to look back on her pictures of her 1st Christmas. :)

Neela lovin on that box.

Proud Grandparents.

Friday, January 29, 2010

8 1/2 months old!!

So this video is totally not as exciting for you as it is for Tim and I. Yes to you it looks like she is just sitting there doing nothing, but to us she is growing, exploring, and becoming more expressive everyday.

She does look so freakin cute!!

Ok, I know I have been totally awful at documenting Neela's life on our blog, but things change from this moment on. :) It's my New Year's Resolution. hee! She is growing so fast and is getting more fun with each passing day. She has been such a joy in our lives. She is 8 1/2 months old!! Wow!! Amazing!!

-We started feeding her solids at 6 months and she loved it!! I made all her baby food myself which has been just a joy to do. It doesn't matter moms if you do or not, but it was just a fun thing for me to do for Neela. She gets so excited when she sees her bowl and just starts flapping her arms hoping she can maybe fly to the food. :) She now is starting to eat a little food off our plates and it's so fun to see her face as she tries new things. She is lovin everything which has made our lives a lot easier.

-We have Neela at a set bedtime around 7:45/8:00pmish and she is out for the night. It's been great for Tim and I have time for ourselves in the evening to talk, read, watch tv, or just go to sleep. :)

-Neela has 2 teeth sprouting through her little gums. She has actually handled it really well. At night through the monitor we can hear her cry a little in her sleep and I think it's just her gums bothering her. But she is a trooper.

-In only week 2 of daycare Neela got in trouble. :) The teacher told Tim she was pulling the other babies hair. Oh my goodness!!! When Tim told me that I laughed so hard and told him I am putting that down in her baby book! :) She is so fascinated with hair. It's hilarious. She asked Tim how we discipline that and up to that point we didn't, so then we knew we couldn't laugh her being intrigued by hair anymore. My nephew, Sanjay, literally puts his head close to her when he sees her so she can pull his hair. So sweet. That is how much she loved doing that. But just to let you know, she has yet to get "in trouble" and is one of the favors at the daycare.

-Neela is not crawling yet, but loves to stand holding the coffee table. She gets so excited and does her "happy screams". It's so adorable.

Ok, so that's it for now. Tim and I have plans that I need to get to, but just wanted to do a quick unedited blog.

More of Neela to come!!! :)