Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"I love you" game

Playing a special game with her Paw Paw...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Championship Week

Reading the subject, one might ask, "What championship do you speak of? The playoffs haven't even started in the NFL yet." Well, this championship is much, much more important. It is the championship of the Nac Attack fantasy football league. The Nac Attack league consists of friends from college (SFA) and we are going on our 7th year. It is a "dynasty" league meaning that we keep players from year to year and the focus is on building a young and talented team that will be good for several years. While I was dominant in our league early on, I have fallen off the last couple of years. But, this year... this year things are finally back to normal.

I am in the championship this week against Nathan Holman. And it is a true, clash of the titans...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Now this is a deal!

Ok, so I have been seeing on several people's blogs recently this great deal from Shutterfly . It's helpful to keep up with friend's blogs. :) I love cards, invites, you name it from this site. It's great! They are so creative and fun. You can receive all types of styles and find the perfect gift or way to preserve your memories year to year.

They are giving away 50 free cards . Best deal yet!! Especially at a time when we are buying gifts, candies, and the list goes on and on. I even bought my cards early, but this deal is way better. :) I love all the designs and the creativity the add to make your cards, calendar, or announcements that much better. :)

I love the design Merry Blossom which gives a homy and warm Christmas greeting for your Christmas Cards.

Check out this deal and don't miss out. :)

Now having our sweet girl, utilizing the Calendars , creative Photo Gifts, and birthday or Christmas cards will be well worth it to you. I promise.

Especially if you have a little one you are wanting to show off and how beautiful they are. :) I know that is a huge incentive for me. :)

Make this year special and send out cards. Blog about this deal and then you can enjoy cards to make this time of year that much more special. :) I know you will be happy you did.... I know I am! ;)