Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hidden Wives by Claire Avery

This is a book I read a few weeks ago. It was such a great book. It was so interesting to learn more about fundamental mormons. It's fiction but backed on a true story. I was shocked by so much. Totally recommend it!

Below is the summary on this book.

Fifteen-year-old Sara and her beautiful sister, Rachel, are too young to legally drive a car—but are approaching spinsterhood in Utah’s secret polygamist Blood of the Lamb community. Having long since reached the “age of preparedness,” they will soon be married off to much older men chosen by the hidden sect’s revered Prophet.

As Sara, chosen to become her uncle’s fifth wife, grows more distraught over her impending incestuous marriage, she begins to scrutinize the faith she has followed blindly her entire life. But for Rachel, who will be married to one of the many powerful community leaders vying for her hand, disobeying the Prophet means eternal damnation. Her friendship with the newest member of the community, the young and handsome Luke, starts as an attempt to save his agnostic soul, but ends with the pair falling helplessly in love. When Rachel is forbidden to see him, her absolute faith in the Prophet is severely tested.

When Rachel’s future husband is finally announced, violence erupts, and the girls must find the strength to escape the only life they have ever know…before it’s too late.

Claire Avery has woven a stunning tale that could be ripped from today’s headlines. Shocking and empowering, Hidden Wives is a page-turning debut that will stay with the reader.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Year One of our Church!

North Village Church: Year 1 from Tim Birdwell on Vimeo.

4 Years Baby!

Tim and I have been married for 4 years. Wow, so much have we experience in four years.

- We have lived in 3 different cities (Nacogdoches, Dallas, and now Austin)
- Tim completed DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary)
- I have had four jobs
- Tim has started his own business
- we had our first child
- Started a church (North Village Church)
- Paid off our car
- Have a new car (mini van... a post coming soon :))
- Do ministry in our apt complex
- Traveled to Seattle, Virginia, India, Disneyworld-Florida, and Las Vegas
- Met Kirk Cameron
- Have gone to 20+ Dallas Maverick games
- Been to a Cowboys game
- 2 Dallas Cowboy training camps
.... and so much more!

So thankful for a husband who desires to know God more daily and glorifies God. Amazing father who Neela adores. Yay!

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2010

Birdwell Family Tradition: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

I love that Tim loves the Cowboys. I knew it from day one. This has never been a surprise to me. It's been fun for this to be an important bonding activity we do in our marriage. So to honor this commit I made in my vows, we have made it a family tradition to go to the Cowboys Training Camp every year. (well, if it is in driving distance. If not, then we will try to work it into our family vacation that year :))

We took Neela when she was almost 3 months old and now as a 1 year old. She definitely enjoyed it more this year. :)

It was hilarious, 3 people approached us and asked us if they could take a picture of Neela because they thought she looked/is so cute. It was so cute because Neela would kind of pose saying, "Yeah you're right, I am cute." :)

Neela following in her Daddy's steps.

We stayed at the La Mansion off the River walk. (The same hotel we stayed at after our wedding) It was so fun! Neela loved walking out our room to the balcony and walking around.

Pool time at our hotel.

Can't wait till next year!