Monday, June 4, 2012


We took a few days for ourselves and went to the beach!  This was Neela's first trip to the beach and she LOVED it! She loved the sand in her toes, building sand castles, letting her barbies have a "sand" party, and finding shells.  She liked the ocean water but did not like the "saltiness" of the water.  Everytime she mentioned the water, "salty" was mentioned in the sentence. :)

Neela playing in the sand!

Pink toe nails in the sand.

Neela and Daddy shooting seagulls with the water toys. :)

Me playing in the sand.

On this trip I was 32 weeks along with our baby boy.  The beach was a great place to go on a trip pregnant because it's mostly laying around on the beach and in the sand.  I can do that. :) 

I can't get the pic to turn right side up!

It was a great getaway and a fun trip before baby boy comes.  Soon we will be a family of four at the beach.  Yay!