Thursday, October 14, 2010

Horse Races

We embarked on a new family adventure.... the horse track. Tim has been going to horse tracks here and there since we lived in Dallas. He did such a great job sharing with us how everything works and we were impressed. :)

Neela enjoyed running around, seeing the goats, sheep,and rabbits in the front and watching the horses. They did have kid friendly activities like face painting and balloon animals which looked really fun.

Neela enjoying the livestock when we first walked in. She was so excited. The kids were allowed to touch the animals, but I didn't let Neela.... they were a little dirty. :)

Neela watching very closely...

Fun memories

17 Months

On October 12th, Neela is officially 17 months old. I can't believe it. I can't believe just a year ago she was barely rolling over, trying out puree food, nursing, and not mobile! This girl has truly stolen my heart and has forever changed my life.

Since she turned a year old, it's been so fun to see her personality develop, and does she have personality! :) She definitely has a soft, gentle, cuddly, girlie side... but she also has a spunky, goofy, want my way or else side! :) All in one little sweet package. She is such a talker and a singer now. She is great at repeating words we say and jsut gets so excited when she says it. She carefully watches our mouth as we say the word and then says it! Amazing! What a quick learner. :) Her favorite songs right now are "Row Row Row your Boat", "The horn on the bus goes BEEP BEEP BEEP", and "ABC". "ABC" she knows the melody and a few letters, she sings BEEP BEEP BEEP, alot, and loves singing "row row row".

Discipline has been a change. I an still reading Sheperding a Child's Heart. Totally have not been consistent lately, but this keeps me accountable to do so. :) She is definitely learning the work "NO". She does not say it as much as we do. We say "No Maam". She does stop sometimes, but there are times when she tests us. So we have started using a wooden spoon and gently hit her on the hand or arm. (the first time I definitely hit her sweet little hand too hard and felt horrible!!) She now sees the spoon when we say "no" and usually immediately stops. I am learning how to parent and discipline her so she does not fear me or does not follow out of fear but out of obedience. I am not completely sure what this looks like, but I know God is leading me in this area. I am so desperate for Him to lead me and as he leads and disciplines me as I disobey and is so gently in leading me back to Him I desire to do the same with Neela. As I write this I can think of daily times I am just too tired and don't lead Neela well. I desperately need God's guidance and wisdom in parenting. I am loving every step of the way.

Tim is so cute, sometimes he comes to me very serious and wants to discuss our strategies and the example we are to Neela. He takes it very serious and loves Neela all the more. He is such a great Dad. He is more knowledge in some areas of parenting than I am. I love that he desires for Neela to know who God, to fall in love with Him daily, to find refuge in Him alone, and know how precious and beautiful she is.

All this to say, I love Neela. I love the gift of children and parenting. It's stretches me in more ways I thought possible, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. God is sweetly drawing me to rely on Him and to dwell on His promises that He is my strength when I am weak. As I seek wisdom, He will give it to me.

Happy 17th month Birthday Baby Girl! Daddy and Mommy love you!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dad's 60/ Captain Jones Celebration

We had a fun celebration a few weekends back. My Dad turned 60 years old this year. Crazy I know! Also, my older sister Shubhra is in the army and is now a Captain in the army. That's crazy too!

The evening started with honoring my sister Shubhra. She has worked really hard and make alot of sacrifices to be where she is. She has been away from her family, off to trainings and even to Iraq for 15 months. HUGE sacrifices. We are so thankful the Lord protected her and guided her through these last few years.

We are so proud of her and love her so much!

Later in the evening we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday. What a fun time to reflect on his life and all his accomplishments.

We love you Dad!

The evening started with chatting away and catching up with one another, then eating yummy burgers by Tim, army trivia game, Dad's life trivia game, and then ended with dances from the nieces and nephews.

What a fun time!

The cook of the evening.

Fun gift idea, everyone signed a picture frame of Shubhra and Dad. It turned out great.

Captain Jones

Our dual snacks.

Birthday Boy and his lady. (My dad and mom)

The kids doing a dance they put together as a tribute to Dad and Shubhra. So cute. Brings back memories because my cousins and I used to do this when we were young.

The guys.

The ladies.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

4 years

Tim and I have been married for 4 years. Wow, so much have we experience in four years.

- We have lived in 3 different cities (Nacogdoches, Dallas, and now Austin)
- Tim completed DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary)
- I have had four jobs
- Tim has started his own business
- we had our first child
- Started a church (North Village Church)
- Paid off our car
- Have a new car (mini van... a post coming soon :))
- Do ministry in our apt complex
- Traveled to Seattle, Virginia, India, Disneyworld-Florida, and Las Vegas
- Met Kirk Cameron
- Have gone to 20+ Dallas Maverick games
- Been to a Cowboys game
- 2 Dallas Cowboy training camps
.... and so much more!

So thankful for a husband who desires to know God more daily and glorifies God. Amazing father who Neela adores. Yay!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

So I am totally wasting timet tonight on facebook. I ran across this note I did on facebook 2 years ago and enjoying reflecting back. It's one of those "random facts" list about yourself.

Here is the list from 2 years ago:

1. I have been married for 2 ½ years to a loving, gentle, fun lovin man that I simply adore!

2. I am currently 7 months pregnant with a baby girl. We can’t wait! My due date is May 11th.

3. Tim and I are helping start a church with Hill Country Bible church in Austin. We are moving to Austin in May after he graduates from Dallas Theological Seminary.

4. I have this weird fear that if I go to sleep with mascara on that my eye lashes will fall out. Weird I know. I know this can’t happen, but in the back of my mind…

5. I suck at grammar. I have a smart husband that helps me out by proofreading everything I write. (except this )

6. I am currently a kindergarten teacher and love it! I enjoy their innocence, curiosity about the baby, the 100’s of hugs and “I love you” everyday, and seeing their minds full of delight when they are learning new concepts.

7. I love to read, but usually end up falling asleep if it’s at night.

8. I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I know people think it’s a weird show, but I love their quick wittiness.

9. I take joy in sending cards, but I don’t do it as often as I would like. I miss the date or get preoccupied with dumb things.

10. I have never been snow skiing and really would like to go someday. But I do love vacations in warm, sunny climates

11. On our honeymoon, I was swallowed several times by a current and had trouble getting out of it. It was scary and hilarious all at the same time. At dinner that night, a guy walked up to our table and said, “I just want to congratulate you for surviving that wave on the beach today! My friends and I were laughing.” I was super embarrassed.

12. I crave, especially now that I am pregnant, Big Macs from MacDonald’s. I know it’s one of the worst foods I can eat, but it sure is yummy. I could probably eat a Big Mac once a week if I didn’t know how bad they are for my health.

13. I love spending 1 on 1 time with girls and just talking and living life together.

14. I have an older sister, Shubhra, who is a First Lieutenant in the Army.

15. I have a younger, Sameer, who is in a band called Flyleaf.

16. One of my favorite books is “Save Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall

17. I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes or simple recipes from friends, but I have put that on the back burner since I have been pregnant. I am dead tired after a day with my energetic kindergarteners.

18. I guess I am a pretty predictable gal because my husband can complete my sentences or he knows what I will say or how I will respond when he says something. I get a kick out of it!

19. Tim and I said our own wedding vows, and in my vows I committed to support the Dallas Cowboys because this is a huge passion of Tim’s. This showed Tim I was serious about supporting him and being committed to him. Hee! Hee!

20. I am obsessed with music. It does not have to be anything particular, I just love to move and groove. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is turn the radio on, I get in the car it’s the first thing I do, when I’m getting ready for bed or cleaning our place I have music playing. It truly is an obsession!!

21. My favorite vacation is when Tim and I went to Seattle. We spent a week downtown checking out the sights and being intentional about talking about our marriage, praying together, and just being flat out goofy! My favorite day is when we rented a car and drove to Mount Rainer. Breath-taking! We spent the day hiking and enjoying God’s creation.

22. My number one passion in life is to know God, be obedient to His leading, and my life to reflect His glory.

23. My car is a 1996 Geo Prism and it has 311,000 miles on it! And it’s still going strong with no problems! Thank God!!

24. My favorite book of the bible is Ephesians.

25. I hope you enjoyed a few random facts about me!!