Sunday, August 31, 2008

End of our Wedding Anniversary Month...

In honor our a wedding anniversary month coming to an end, I am reminiscing about our 1 year wedding anniversary celebration.

We learned so much about each other and could not believe now quickly 1 year came. We lived in Nacogdoches our first year of marriage and moved to Dallas 2 weeks before our 1 year anniversary. We were excited to move to Dallas to start Dallas Theological Seminary, look for a church, and build relationships with people in the same stage of life as we were.

Our 1 year celebration:

We started the weekend by traveling to Houston to meet a new addition to our family, Noah. Our friends Marshall and Shannon had their first child, so we picked up a Dallas Cowboys jersey and drove to Houston to meet this new bundle of joy.

Tim surprised me with tickets to a one man comedian show called "Defending the Caveman". It was hilarious!! It was about the difference between men and women which was very appropriate for our 1 year. We had learned so much about the opposite sex by being marriage and experiencing what it is like to live with a boy/girl.

Our 1 year old cake. Hmmmm.....

We had dinner at Reunion Tower in Dallas. I had never been there before and was so excited! It was a big "Dallas" moment for me. It's just one of those places you have to go to when you are in Dallas.

Tim pretending he is laughing really hard as he drinks his water. We were getting a little goofy. :) Story of our marriage. I love it!

The End of our Night.

Until next year when we will celebrate another wonderful year of marriage and share new adventures...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

Tim and I just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary this week. We had such a great time together. I love being married and I look forward to starting our 3rd year of bliss!

When I got home from work, Tim decorated our apartment with balloons hanging from the ceiling. I had to pop all the balloon to get to the sweet note he wrote for me and then rolled up and put inside the balloon. I have an amazing husband. Sorry ladies, he does not have a brother! :)

Each balloon had a sweet note on the outside too!

For lunch, we made homemade pizza!

I framed this picture of us with our dear friend Tony Romo. :)

I also gave Tim a frame of the pictures he took with a few Dallas Cobwboy players he met this summer.

In the afternoon, we played tennis and had a few good rallies. I first learned tennis when Tim and I first starting hanging out way back when. It gave us a reason to hang out because he would teach me how to play. We would play for like 4 hrs at a time CRAZY, I know!
Now i can only play for maybe an hour max! hee! hee! Oh, how things change.

We had dinner at Patrizio's. We loved it!

The bill. Ahhh!!! j/k. It actually was not bad. We had a great time over dinner just reflecting on the last 2 years of marriage and talked about things we can work on this next year and encouraged one another about the last 2 years amazing years.

Our last picture to remember a fabulous 2nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Thee Wed

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary is coming up this week and it just makes me reflect back on the past two years.

I LOVE being married!!

God has taught me so much about who He is and has deepen my understanding of what Christ loving the Church looks like. We truly enjoy the simple joys in our lives and embrace our time together. It's hard at times for me to be transparent with the good, bad, and ugly in my lives, but it's comforting and sweet to do this with my best friend. I have an incredible man that I love so much!

More thoughts on our marriage to come!

Below are our wedding vows. Enjoy!

Tim, I stand before you today in front of family, friends, and the presence of God proclaiming my deep love and commitment to you.

I commit to LOVE you unconditionally and selflessly with all my heart and with a Christ-like love. I will pray for you daily, take care of you when you are sick, and create a warm home for us.

I commit to HONOR and CHERISH you all the days of my life. I will support you with all my heart and actions in every decision. I am and will continue to be your biggest fan. I will even support the Dallas Cowboys. I will constantly remind you how amazing you are and how handsome you are.

I commit to RESPECT you with a heart of reverence. I will respect the position God has given you and I will be a suitable helper.

I commit to FOLLOW you wholeheartedly and cherish you with all my heart, knowing you are being obedient to the Lord’s leading. I will follow your leading in this relationship and honor your decisions. I will build you up and make you my first family.

I commit to do all these things for the rest of our lives.

Jaya, I stand before you today in front of family, friends, and the presence of God proclaiming my deep love and commitment to you.

I commit to LOVE you without condition, making sure daily that you know there is nothing you could every do to make me love you any less than I do at this very moment right now.

I commit to LEAD our home in a complete trust in God, resting in His divine wisdom and purpose for our lives.
I commit to take care of you when you are sick and not feeling well and when your tummy hurts.

I commit to COMFORT you in your times of trials and conflict

Lastly, I commit to CHALLENGE you to never settle or be satisfied with the fleeting pleasures of this world, but to always seek to experience the eternal joy of knowing God and making Him known.

I commit to do all these things for the rest of our lives.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prayer does a Life Good

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."
Philippians 4:6

So I know it was "burning up" hot outside yesterday, but I have not exercised in a few weeks and thought today would be as good as another other day to get active again. So I went running down Swiss Ave and walked a little on my way home.

As I was walking back I was just thinking about my errands for the day and being cautious of my surrounding because I am a girl and I just have to do. Suddenly I was distracted by a skinny homeless man on the other side of the road pushing a shopping cart over flowing with too many trash bags. Right away my heart went out to this man I have never met or knew anything about. In that moment I wish I had some money or food I could have given to him. I just felt so helpless and useless seeing the needs of this man and not being able to do anything. The only thing I had to do on his behalf was pray for him. So I lifted him up to our Creator and Savior.

So as I continued walking, I prayed for this man's heart that the Lord would show him His grace and love, protection from people and this world, and for God to provide food and shelter for him. I prayed for someone to tangibly show him love and provide him with food. I then started to pray for understanding of why people have to suffer like that. I just thought it was unfair. (Which I know we are all undeserving of everything, but in this moment my emotions and here and now distracted me)

Just as I felt my heart turning frustrated at this truth and my thoughts starting to build on top of each other, the Lord softened my heart with a voice audible voice saying "Hey!". I turned around to see a man who walked out of his apartment complex, saw this homeless man in need, and offered to give him some food if he could wait for him to run back to his apartment. THANK YOU LORD!!! God answered my prayer in 30 seconds! Tears filled up my eyes right then and there. Here I was starting to doubt God because of this sad world and He opened the eyes of my heart to see He is faithful, in control, and loving.

I know God was telling me not to worry about my life. I let doubt fill my heart and give no room for God to move. He has a plan to use us for His Glory and I can rest in this truth. Just as He provided for the homeless man, He will provide and take care of His children. I need to talk to Him more, share my heart and He will reveal His Will.

This summer we have had different types of opportunities with opened doors and had opportunities that the doors closed. Sometimes I get discouraged and distracted by the closed doors, I forget to rejoice and be thankful for the opened doors and God's blessings. I am so thankful that through all situations the Lord is drawing me closer to Him.

"Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne."
Hebrews 12:2

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Do I really believe the gospel?

Lately, I can't help but ask myself the question... do i really believe the gospel? I mean, I think I do. I believe strongly that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ enables me to have a right relationship with God and to be completely justified before Him. However, while I do confess this with my mouth, I don't always live and breathe it. How does that happen? How can I say I believe in the life-transforming power of the gospel, but at the end of the day, not really be transformed by the gospel at all. How can I say that I believe that it is Jesus alone who redeems, justifies, and provides, but then constantly look for people, status, money, and success to validate me... to give me worth?

Well, if I am brutally honest with myself, my answer must be, I really don't believe the gospel at all. Now, I don't mean in the salvific sense; I know that nothing can separate me from the love of Christ and that His death on the cross paid the penalty for all of my sin... past, present, and future. What I mean is, my belief in the gospel doesn't always translate into life change. While I may say that Jesus is my provider, I still worry about how we're going to get through seminary, how this new church plant will get off the ground, and how I am going to be the bread-winner for my family. While I may say that Jesus is my justification, I still try to earn my salvation and "work hard for Jesus" hoping that I can gain some brownie points in heaven. While I may say that Jesus is my redeemer, I still consume myself with sports, radio, and t.v.; hoping that these outlets will give me freedom from the harshness of life.

Some people view the gospel as "Christianity 101", like the basics of Christianity... we get hit hard with it at conversion, and then maybe a little of it early on as a new believer, but after that, we move on to more "important" things, more "heady, theological" things that end in "isms" and "ology's". To truly live as though I believe the gospel, I need to hear it every day, I need to breathe it in each morning and each night, I need to let it filter into every area of my being. I must lean on every bit of truth it offers and cling to it desperately. Then maybe I will be able to live in it, and then, and only then, can I say that I truly believe the gospel.