Tuesday, June 11, 2013

These Days

Ok, so this will be the most random blog post I have ever posted.

Life has been sweet with my little bugs at home.

Neela turned four years old last month.  I know, crazy. She is such a sweet heart and full of life.  She loves art, barbies, dolls, and reading.  She loves her brother and is so caring for his needs.  Man, love her to pieces.  There are times of defiance when I ask her to eat her food at meal time and sassiness when she wants to do her own thing, but I trust the Lord is working in her heart.  We pray for and with her daily for her heart to be softened, pointed to Him, and someday trust in Jesus' work on the cross.  The other night she asked me when God was created.  We had a fun conversation about how God has always been and he is the Creator and not the created.  She thought that was pretty cool.  The other day we were sitting in silence for about 2 minutes in the car and she said, "Where do chickens come from and why did God make chickens?".  So I told her and finished with and then we eat them.  She said, "What!?!" Completely appalled and surprised. But quickly recovered when she learned this is where Chick fil A nuggets come from. Another one, on the way to church this week we were praying for our hearts, others hearts, and for Daddy as he teachings the "mommies and daddies".  Neela's response was, "I didn't know that!  And Mommy, you mean the ADULTS right?"  What a ham. :) She enjoys dance class and recently started swim lesson.

Ashwin is 10 1/2 months old and a complete joy.  He is full of smiles, curiosity, and love for life.  He's on a great schedule and is a fabulous eater.  I cannot get enough of him.  He loves balls and we can roll a ball back and forth!  Crazy I know!  I've been trying to teach him "more" in sign language and he learned it!  We are working on a few more, but he just laughs or smiles when I say "all done", "thank you", or "milk".  He is crawling like a mad man everywhere and is pulling up on everything.  He loves all of Neela's toys, especially all the fake food in her kitchen.  It's so cute to watch the two of them playing in her kitchen together.  Tonight, I think he was teething and fell asleep in my arms.  People, this has not happened in months.  I completely embraced the moment and held him for a long time in the chair, cherishing the moment. Tim and Neela ate dinner without me but had fun conversation from what I heard from the room. :)

Tim and I are enjoying each other and our little ones.  Never a dull moment in the Birdwell home, seriously.  We have gone from moments of snuggles with our little ones, to complete break downs, to sweet prayers before bedtime.  We enjoy our quiet evenings, planned once a month date nights and time with friends.  A few weeks ago we had a "sports" date night which included a game of basketball, lifting weights, and a game of tennis. I told Tim this was a bittersweet date because it was so fun to play sports together but I really sucked it up! I used to be so good at sports, but I have not played anything in years and man did it show. :)  We both have joined a workout group in Austin called Camp Gladiator and thoroughly enjoy it.  It's fun to talk about that since we workout at different times at different camps.  Yeah lame, but it's a fun thing we do right now.

God has been so sweet to give me this time to love on my family.  I've been reading The Power of a Praying Wife and Gospel Powered Parenting.  Man, my heart is being softened and challenged to point my family to Jesus.  My ability to do this is by continuing to fall in love with Jesus.  My heart has to be filled with the truth of Jesus love for us, his beautiful grace and mercy over my life, and for sin to be exposed and repented.  I strive to be honest and real in my parenting in my daily conversations with Neela and through discipline.  I desire to love and respect Tim because of the man he is and encourage his walk with the Lord.  I am so thankful for him and how I am lifted up by him and how we have so much fun together.

Just giving you a look into the Birdwell Home these days!