Sunday, May 30, 2010

Neela's 1st yr video

Tim, being the fabulous father and hubby that he is, he made this special video for Neela's for her 1st birthday. It's a collection of pictures and videos of her 1st year of life. It is so cute and holds special memories for our family.

Sit back and enjoy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Neela's 1st Birthday Bash!

Neela's invitation for her 1st birthday party!

Neela being busy at her party. :)

The cake Chad, my brother in-law, made for Neela alone. :) She felt so special. ;0

Neela eating her cake. Funny story... She really didn't know what to do when the cake was placed in front of her. She touched the cake very gently and was feeling it, but did not make a dent. So I pushed her fingers a little into the cake, she licked her fingers, and it was over from there. :)

She ate mostly icing, but loved it. We reaped the benefits of that later that night at 3am with a hyper baby jumping on our bed and then threw up icing. :) She has yet to have that much sugar, but it was so fun for her and us. A memorable day.

Here is another picture of the freakin amazing cake my brother in-law Chad made for Neela. What a memorable cake for her 1st birthday. I have his contact info if anyone would like to use his talents for a future event!

I made 13 frames for each month of Neela's life to see how she much she grew each month. They turned out pretty darn cute! :) (13 because I made one for the day she was born)

A few more...

The proud parents

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Neela is 1!!

On May 12th Neela turned 1 year old. Wow, I know all parents say this but really, "Where did the time go?" I just kept saying that to myself that day, looking at this sweet baby girl and thought I could not imagine life without her.

What a blessing she has been in our lives. What a joy it is to wake up every morning, go into her room, and know I will have an instant smile when I see her face. She is usually standing in her crib waiting for Tim or I to come get her so she can start her day. :) Just picture this in your mind, what a sweet moment. :)

I know we have not been the "perfect" parents at taking care of her or training her, but God is still using us to reveal His love and truth in her life. It's funny to see her face when we are reading the bible because she is very interested in the book because we were reading it. Goes to show you, we are a huge influence in our children's lives. Don't get me wrong, it has been a rough road as well (unrestful nights, stressful crying, forcing medications down the throat, letting her cry herself to sleep, etc) but it's all been worth it.

We love our little girl so much and thank God for her daily.

Happy 1st Birthday Neela!