Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankful Day 20- Thanksgiving Program

My daughter had her pre-k Thanksgiving program today.  So sweet.  Really, all the kiddos were so cute.  Neela was great.  The night before she sang all the songs to me and showed me the motions.  She asked that I sit where she could see me.  :)

Neela's teacher told me as they were leaving for the program she told her teacher she was hoping I found where the program was going to be and was worried about me.  My 4 year old was worried about me! so cute.  I asked her on the way to school where the program was just for conversation and this is where she took it in her mind.  oh girl.

I am thankful for this Thanksgiving Program which reminds me of what a great school Neela attends. I am thankful she has made friends and is thriving in her new school.

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